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Bewitched (The Church Under Attack)

Your grandmother wouldn't recognize the church of today. In an effort to be relevant to the changing times somewhere along the way some of the church's doctrine and theology has been watered down. Compromise has slipped in and "tolerance" has reared its ugly head to relegate Jesus Christ to a has-been Savior no longer relevant with the changing times. Too busy trying to please the masses and keep the coffers topped off more, and more leaders are watering down the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those who attempt to stay true to the Bible are leaving the pastorate burnt out, driven out or broken; some have even lost their faith. Why is this happening? What sinister plot is unfolding? A must read for all who seek self examination, and an eye opener for those who have wondered why.

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Check out Declare The Word International to learn more about Buffy St. John and her ministry.

Reflections - Music CD

A full range of vocal prowess, from sultry, silky jazz feel to her full Gospel punch, Buffy St. John delivers. This CD is creating a buzz in the R&B/ Soul and Gospel world. Check it out!
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Declare The Word - Book

“Tell me are we desperate enough for God? Are we desperate for change in our lives, or are you still clinging to this world’s system? Are you desperate enough to hang onto His every word? Are you desperate enough to Declare His Word and trust that His truth will set you free? Grow Up to Go Up! Get Up and Get Going. Take that faith step — that leads to the trust step — that leads to the last victorious step into the glory and majesty of all the Lord has for you!” So writes author Buffy St. John in her inimitable “no holds barred” style. This book is all about Christian accountability and responsibility to know the word, speak the word, and live the word. Available  at

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Declare The Word is the official ministry site for Buffy St. John Ministries. Check it out for a more in depth look into how God has turned an earthen vessel into a work of art for His glory.

Encouragement For Life - A Devotional

As I was writing this book, I wanted it to be a tool that people could use in their daily lives. Henceforth, the title, Encouragement For Life. For example, I envisioned someone getting up in the morning and needing courage to face the day or face some conflict at work and turning to the chapter entitled “Courage” and finding encouragement there.

This book is a compilation of the encouragement I've received in my struggles and daily life. I trust that you too will be encouraged as you read it. Sometimes the encouragement is a bit tough, but there is a saying (often attributed to Knute Rockne, the legendary Notre Dame football coach) that goes like this, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” With God's help I've kept going and you will too!

It is my desire in all I do to point people to the cross and Jesus Christ our Savior. May you draw closer to Him as you use these writings to know the depth of His love for you.

May God Richly Bless Your Life.